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From the book "Straight to the South", part 2 "Shark archipelago", episode 10.

13.03.2018 0°26'16.37"N 73°34'7.09"E

Early evening, we were allowed to go ashore. Well it is necessary ever to walk the surface of the ground once during the entire trip :)

Boat 'doni' took us to the islet - motu Maafushi. It is almost entirely covered by the village of Mavaru.

Huvadhoo is the largest atoll of Maldives. Historically, it differed with the rest in mind of the distance. Its residents speak their own dialect, which differs significantly from other versions of the Maldivian language and the local ruler once had serious autonomy, even had his own flag. But Maldives gained real independence from the colonialists only in 1965..

They write that there are many ancient Buddhist monuments on the island, this indirectly confirms the hypothesis that the origin of the Maldivians was Sri Lankans. We admit that we have not seen these monuments, but we believe the sources. But we found interesting modern buildings of coral brick..

The main problem of local residents, especialy for young people to find a job and the fear of everyone to lose it.

People look for solutions. For example, they make the highest quality woven rugs in Maldives.. Meanwhile, the climate here is wonderful - latitude is less than half a degree to North from the equator.. However, there is nowhere to groww something, there is practically no land, but.. It is warm here. And beautiful :)

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