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The island-state that separates the basins of the two great oceans – Pacific and Indian. The unique nature of the volcanic islands and tropical seas constantly attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many wonders on land and under water and we can talk about them endlessly.
We have been in this country several times, and we offer to your attantion our travel sketches – short stories, photos, and movies. Perhaps they will help you planning trips.
Of course, we weren't able to go everywhere and see everything.. But we hope you will find something interesting in our stories.

• Island Visayas. A trip on a sailing ship "Philippine siren"
• The island of Cebu and Malapascua island
• Anilao, Luzon island
Puerto Galera, island of Mindoro
• Negros island of Apo island

Let's go!


By roads of corsairs: Philippines, Puerto Galera & Manila (TV-project)
20160414 Chocolate Island, Malapascua, Philippines
20160415 Dive site Light House, Malapascua, Philippines
201502 Philippines-2015, Luson Island - Anilao
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Malapasqua Island
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 7 - Oslob
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 6 - Moalboal & Pescador
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 5 - Apo Island
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 4 - Negros Island-Dauin
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 3 - Balicasag Island
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 2 - Cabilao Archipelago
201502 Philippines-2015, Visayas. Part 1 - Mactan Island
Whale Sharks Feeding Frenzy in Oslob (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Malapascua Macro Mania (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Threshers Sharks of Malapascua (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Puerto Galera, Philippines May 2014 (by dr. Amit Kakar)


4. Under water in Philippines: Cebu-Bohol-Negros. Photo review. (January, 2015). Authors: Oleg Lopatko and Svetlana Lopatko. Under water photos by Svetlana Lopatko made around the Cebu island.


20160420 Thalatta Dive Resort, Negros island
20160418-21 Thalatta Dive Resort, dive site House reef, Negros island
20160420 Dive site Basak (near Thalatta Dive Resort), Negros island
20160420 Dive site Masaplod North, Dauin, Negros island
20160420 Dive site Car Wreck, Dauin, Negros island
20160419 Apo Island, dive site Katipanan, Visayas
20160419 Apo Island, dive site Chapel, Visayas
201604 Malapasqua
< a href="" target="_new">20160412 Cebu & Road from Cebu to Maya Port
20150301 Makati area, Manila
20150214-18 Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island
20150210-14 Luson Island - Anilao
20150205-08 Malapasqua
20150122&0203 Mactan Island, Cebu
20150125&0202 Bohol - Cabilao Archipelago
20150126&0201 Bohol - Balicasag Island
20150123&31 Oslob, Cebu
20150129-31 Moalboal, Cebu
20150127-28 Negros - Dauin
20150128-29 Apo Island (near Negros)
20150124 Similon Island (near Oslob), Cebu

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