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There is a huge country. And we will tell about it for a long time – we'd been there a few times and wish again. Because there is a paradise there. For divers and not only. Stories about the country will appear as media data will processed, we have a lot data about it. Therefore the work will take a time.

Bali island
• Jakarta - airport
• Makassar - airport
• North Sulawesi
• The Archipelago Of Komodo
• Raja Ampat
• Flores island
• The sea trip from Flores island to the Maluku Islands ( Banda sea, Weber hollow, Spice Islands, etc.)
• Ambon (Moluccas archipelago)

Let's go!


At the plane of equator : Una Una un momento (TV-project)
At the plane of equator : Bunaken Island (TV-project)
At the plane of equator : Bangka Island (TV-project)
At the plane of equator : Lembeh Island (TV-project)
Under The Southern Cross: Bali Island (TV-project)
Bali Blue Magic 2015 (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Bali Mantas battle with plastic (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Raja Ampat (Papua) Indonesia 2013 (by dr. Amit Kakar)
Raja Ampat by Night (by dr. Amit Kakar)


3. Dive Logbook 1 (September 2012 - February 2013). Authors: Oleg Lopatko and Svetlana Lopatko. Personal dive logbook of Oleg Lopatko - hand-written version with photos. This book about divings in Indonesia (Lembeh island), in Egypt (Dahab, Sharm-al-Sheih), in Cambodia (Sihanoukville), in Cuba (Huventud, Varadero), in Barbados, in Mexico (Playa del Carmen, Cozumel island).


201903 Bira, South Sulawesi Province
201903 Selayar, South Sulawesi Province
201903 Dead Coral Island, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi Province
201903 Tambolongan Island, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi Province
20181114-25 Maratua, East Kalimantan
201811 Selayar, South Sulawesi
201811 Taka Bonerate underwater volcano, South Sulawesi
201810-11 Bira, South Sulawesi
20120907-10 Bali Island
201710-11 Kuala Lumpur-Ambon-Kai Islands
201610 Nusa Penida-Manta Point, Bali
201610 Nusa Penida-Crystal Bay, Bali
201610 Gili Tepekong, Bali
201610 Tanah Ampo Jetty, Bali
201601 Nusa Penida-Manta Point, Bali
201601 Bali Santi Bungalows, Bali
201601 Tanah Ampo Jetty, Bali
201601 Gili Tepekong, Bali
201601 Gili Biaha, Bali
201601 Menjangan Island, Bali
201601 Secret Bay, Bali
201601 Hotspring Banjar, Bali
201601 Lempuyang temple (Seraya volcano), Bali
201601 Amed Beach Resort hotel, Amed, Bali
201601 Batu Belah dive site, Amed, Bali
201601 Bobo dive site (Piramids), Amed, Bali
201601 Japanese Wreck, Bali
201601 Tulamben, Bali
201309 Komodo
20130919 Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali
20130919 Monkey Forest, Bali
20130919 Ubud, Bali
20130918 Padang Bay, Bali
20130917 Bali Zoo, Bali
20130916 Tulamben, Bali
20130906-15 Jayakarta Bali Hotel, Bali
20130906-15 Nusa Penida Island, Bali

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