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Dear friends!

 This project is aimed at those who prefer to travel on his own and who gets lost in the vastness of the Internet while searching for information about the country he intends to visit. We have the experience of such searches that render primarily the ads of travel agencies or poor quality and uninformative movies and photo galleries about how someone was spending his time on the beach, what he ate and drank and how he was dressed :-) Such information, in our opinion, can hardly interest anybody, and hence we came up with the idea of creating a resource, which would host movies, photo galleries and books to inform visitors about particular locations.

We invite everyone who has his own materials from travels to take part in this project and hope that this site will help amateur tourists. Please contact us if you want to share your materials through our project. All that is needed for that is to adhere to the site policy, which is the following:

- We do not have enough space to store all your materials within our resource. For that reason, please, place them elsewhere on the Web (Youtube, Google+, your own sites, etc.) and send us a link to them and information about the country/locality of their origin. And we will create an icon with a link to your materials on the map of the respective country.

- Besides, we do not have time to process and ameliorate your materials. We can only help with some general tips.

- Please pay attention to the quality and informational content of videos, photos and books. These criteria will be taken into account when deciding on whether to add them to the site or not. We understand that among the travelers and divers professional photographers and cameramen are rare, but let's still strive for the best and avoid obvious amateurism in order to make this resource attractive for any of our visitors :-).

We are open for your questions, suggestions etc. Our e-mail addresses are given in "Contacts". Perhaps, eventually this resource will serve as a basis for an international club of amateur travelers, united by the idea of wandering, who knows. So, on the road , my friends, let us together tell people about our planet!

Oleg Lopatko 19.03.2015

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