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Virtual travels:

• Chon-Kurchak ski base. February 4, 2017
• We are crossing Issyk-Kul lake: as it was. September 1-2, 2017


20180509 Immortal regiment. Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
201608 Fergana ridge, south-western spurs, Kyrgyz Republic
200402 Kashka-Suu ski resort, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Trip to the centre of Tien Shan - Inylchek glacier, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Karkara river, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Tup valley, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 From Tamga village to Karakol town, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Megalithic complex Ornok, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Diving at ancient settlement Kara Oy, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201407 Diving at wrecked tank for fry, Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
201406-07 Snorkeling at Tosor's cape, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic
20140601 The Kyrgyz Republic, walking at Bishkek hills
20140504-09 The Kyrgyz Republic, Diving at Tossor's cape in spring
20140425 The Kyrgyz Republic, Issyk-Kul Lake - south coast (near Tamga village). Grey day at "Fairy Tale"
20131205 The Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 8th district. One day from morning to night (December, 2013)


Dive Logbook 2 (April-May-August 2013). Authors: Oleg Lopatko and Svetlana Lopatko. Personal dive logbook of Oleg Lopatko - hand-written version with photos. This book about divings in Malaysia on islands: Perhentian, Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan; also about divings in Kyrgyz Republic on Issyk-Kul lake (Tossor cape).


20140718-20 South Enilchek glacer
20140717-18 Merzbacher lake, Enylchek glacer
20040618-20&0729 Savoyardy, Jalal-Abad region
20040701-05 Ekinaryn, Naryn province
20040618 Kurpsay hydroelectric power station, Jalal-Abad province
20040304-07 Environmental programme at the Issyk-Kul lake, Issyk-Kul province
20040222-23 Ski resort Kashka-Suu, Chuy province
20040215 Krasnaya Rechka hillfort, Chuy province
20040202 From Kadji-Say to Boom gorge
20040131 Riverheads of Arabel & Barskaun rivers, Terskey Ala-Too ridge, North Tien-Shan
20040131 Area of Suek pass, Jetymbel ridge, Middle Tien-Shan
20040118 Ski resort "Toguz Bulak", Chuy province
20031231-20040102 Ski resort "Kashka-Suu", Chuy province
20031201-02 Valley of Kyldoo river, Naryn province
20031130-1202 Valley of Alabuga river, Naryn province
20031008 A trip to Orto-Tokoy reservoir, Naryn province
20030928 Ala-Archa gorge, Chuy province
20030921 Diving at Kara-Bulun, Environmental programme for Issyk-Kul lake
20030920 Diving at Barskaun, Environmental programme for Issyk-Kul lake
20030908-13 View from "Uchkun" building, Bishkek
20030916 Akbel, Issyk-Kul province
20030916 Arabel syrt, Issyk-Kul province
20030915 View from Philharmonic Society building, Bishkek
20030831 Trip to Salt lake, Issyk-Kul province
20030816-25 Barskaun gorge, Issyk-Kul province
20030725 Otmek pass 3330m, Talas province
20030725 Suusamyr valley
20030509 Barskaun pass and gorge, Issyk-Kul province
20030509 Tamga village, Issyk-Kul province
20030509 Issyk-Kul lake
20030604 Kekemeren river
20030604 Toktogul reservoir, Jalal-Abad province
20030605 Terek-Say village, Jalal-Abad province
20030605 The road from Terek-Say to Chatkal valley, Jalal-Abad province
20030605 Chandalash river, Chatkal, Jalal-Abad province
20030606 The road from Terek-Say to Ala-Buka, Jalal-Abad province
20030606 The road from Kerben to Tash-Kumyr, Jalal-Abad province
20030625 Bishkek, view from the heights. Kyrgyz Republic
20030720 Barskaun gorge, Issyk-Kul province
20030723 Zoo at Almaty, Kazakhstan
20030509-11 Suok pass, Issyk-Kul province
20030426 Arabel syrt, Issyk-Kul
20030425 Barskaun pass, Issyk-Kul
20030425 Barskaun gorge, Issyk-Kul
20030316-18 Environmental programme at the Issyk-Kul lake, winter diving near Tossor village
20030302 Ski resort "Kashka-Suu", Chuy province

20020914 Head of Uchemchek river, Issyk-Kul province
200209 Barskaun & Tamga, Issyk-Kul
200208 Suusamyr valley
200207 Barskaun, Issyk-Kul
20020501 Archaly, Chuy province
20020414 Tosor cape & Tamga, Issyk-Kul
200204 South coast, Issyk-Kul
200203 Burana tower, Chuy province
20020219 South coast, Issyk-Kul lake
20020217 Barskaun gorge, Issyk-Kul province
200112 Bishkek - winter, center of city
200108-12 Views from my windows, Bishkek
20011118 Riverhead of Raspberry gorge, Chuy province
20011118 Road to Ooru-Say, Chuy province
20010824 Sonkul gorge, Naryn province
20010824 Orto-Tokoy reservoir, Naryn province
20010824 Terskey-Torpok pass, Naryn province
20010823-24 Sonkul lake, Naryn province
20010823 Tosor pass, Issyk-Kul province
20010823 Valley of Bolgart river, Issyk-Kul province
20010823 Uchemchek gorge, Issyk-Kul province
20010823 Road from Issyk-Kul lake to Tosor pass, Issyk-Kul province
20010823 Karakujur river, Issyk-Kul province
20010823 Jilisu hotspring, Issyk-Kul province
20010720 Boom gorge, road to Issyk-Kul
20010720 South coast of Issyk-Kul lake
20010702 Koshkol, Issyk-Kul province
20010708 Alamedin gorge, Chuy province
20010626 Barskaun gorge, Issyk-Kul province
20010624 Tamga beach, Issyk-Kul province
20010601 Chym-Kuurchak & Kashka-Suu
200009 Juka river, Issyk-Kul province

19970415 Chichkan gorge. Talas province
19970410 Road to Naryn. Naryn province
19970320 Kazarman town. Jalal-Abad province
19970320 RRS "Urumbash". Jalal-Abad province
19970306 Terek-Say village and Unkurtash deposit. Jalal-Abad province
19970107 Orlovka ski resort. Chuy province
19970101 New Year at Kashka-Suu mountain ski resort. Chuy province
19960925 Railway bridge across Naryn river below Tash-Kumyr town. Jalal-Abad province
19960910 Tohtazan deposit, Kurpsay gorge. Jalal-Abad province
19960815&0910 Toktogul hydroelectric power station. Jalal-Abad province
19960910 Over the Toktogul reservoir. Jalal-Abad province
19960910 Suusamyr ridge. Chuy province
19960910 Tokaylu gorge, Suusamyr valley. Chuy province
19960902 Trip to Altyn-Masha deposit, Suusamyr valley. Chuy province
19960830 Issyk-Kul lake, Altyn-Kul resort
199602 RRS-13 "Ala-Myshik", Naryn province
19960218&0815 RRS-22 "Kara-Kul". Jalal-Abad province
19960815 Fergaian ridge from helicopter. Jalal-Abad province
19960815 Talas ridge from helicopter. Talas province
199608 Nansen peak. Photo by Oleg Turaev
19960219&0810 RRS "Ala-Bel". Talas province
19960420&0712 Installation of the mast at Kara-Jygach village. Chuy province
19960327-0710 Installation of the tower on the building of the Main Post Office in the city of Bishkek
19960618 Suusamyr valley. Chuy province
19960512&0617 Kurpsay gorge. Jalal-Abad province
19960616 Osh city, the view from the base of Geological expedition to Sulayman-Too. Osh province
19960615 Near Tash-Kumyr town. Jalal-Abad province
19960615 Kurpsay reservoir. Jalal-Abad province
19960615 Toktogul basin. Jalal-Abad province
19960605 View to Kungey Ala-Too ridge. Issyk-Kul province
19960601 Ooru-Say. Chuy province
19960530 RRS "Urumbash". Jalal-Abad province
19960530 View to Kyzyl-Unkur river from helicopter. Jalal-Abad province
19960530 View to Baubash-Ata mountain from helicopter. Jalal-Abad province
19960530 View to RRS-6/1 "South" from helicopter. Jalal-Abad province
19960530 View to RRS-5 "North" from helicopter. Chuy province
19960515 View to Toktogul town from east. Jalal-Abad province
19960515 Tash-Kumyr town. Jalal-Abad province
19960514 KT "Jalal-Abad". Jalal-Abad city
19960513 RRS 6/2. Jalal-Abad province
19960218&0512 RRS "Bajakyr". Jalal-Abad province
19960511 Toktogul reservoir. Jalal-Abad province
19960511 Chichkan gorge. Talas province
19960511 Suusamyr ridge near Ala-Bel pass. Chuy province
19960417 The road to Tuya-Ashy pass, avalanche. Chuy province
19960415 Chichkan gorge, Kochko-Bulak avalanche. Jalal-Abad province
19960301 RRS-12 "Tyulek". Naryn province
19960220 RRS-15 "West". Talas province
19960217 RRS-24 "Kerben", Ungar mountain. Jalal-Abad province
19960216 Fergana ridge
19960215 RRS-28 "Dyudyumel". Naryn province
19960215 RRS-7 "East". Issyk-Kul province
19951215 Installation of tower at "Ala-Archa" residence. Chuy province
19951210 Mountain ski resort "Politeh". Chuy province
199511 Delivery of goods to the RRS-5 "North". Chuy province
199509 Upper reach of Atbashi river, Naryn province
199507 Kaji-Say. Issyk-Kul lake
199507 Enylchek river, Maydaadyr, Issyk-Kul province
199506 Chon-Kyzyl-Suu gorge. Terskey-Alatau ridge, Issyk-Kul province
199506 Kichi-Jargylchak, Issyk-Kul province
199506 Kaji-Saz, Issyk-Kul province
199506 Bishkek, a view from television tower
199504 Around Kan-i-Gut cave, Batken province
199504 Chil-Ustun cave, Osh province
199504 Osh city. Osh province
19950402 A trip to pick mushrooms at Easter: from Chon-Kuurchak to Ooru-Say. Chuy province

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