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From the book "Straight to the South", part 2 "Shark archipelago", episode 9.

11.03.2018 0°44'29.40"N 73°25'46.90"E

How to protect marine life: wild tuna fishing does not covers the growing demand, so three plants have been established in Maldives where this valuable seafood is produced for industrial purposes, and one of them is located near Koodoo airport in the inner lagoon. They grow young fish and fishing only for adult individuals, then prepare it for sale as frozen or canned products. Feed and giblets fall into the water, their smell attracts myriads of other fish. And oceanic blacktip sharks, there were 20-30 of them. Excited by the smell of blood they rapidly raced around, almost poking us by their faces, and they are large, up to two-three meters in length, and teeth are very sharp, plus the speed.. Well, it was scary, to say the least :)

When we tired of hanging in the center of the shark merry-go-round, we sometimes dived to rest on the bottom. The corals of the reef lagoon is not rich, and besides fish are biting them and starfish, their main enemies, are eating their young shoots..

All kind of fish are feeding in the waters near the plant: perchs, surgeonfishes, big Napoleonfishs..

But sharks are the main on this feast, the senior link of the food chain. Their menu consists mainly of smaller eaters.. :)

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