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Neill Island

From the book "Straight to the South", part 3 "Visiting a sea cow", episode 22.


The transition between the Havelock and the Neill Islands by the sea ferry "Makruzz" took an hour and a half, the time flew by - we were "attacked" by friendly Indian tourists. Acquaintances, talking, photo shooting…

According to our friends-divers, who have been working on the Islands for a long time, the tourist infrastructure of the Neill Island lags behind of Havelock Island on 12 years. But as we have seen, it is not in everything. Yes, of course, the Internet has difficulties here, but on Havelock it is also not good, but the hotel Sea Shell Neill newer and even a little more interesting by its architecture and design of green spaces than his older brother-neighbor, every palm and flower is located in right place here.

And the restaurant is not bad, see what kind of cake-ice cream they prepared here:

But on the shore the same clumsy corals, mangroves, herons... It is beautiful, but nowhere to swim, no even a pool. We are not scared about it, we will dive and swim enough, and other people... There are some beaches on the island, we will tell you about them, but it is special task to reach them.

The Neill is partially developed, all the hotels and villages stretched along the narrow paved highway which laid from the South-East to the North-West, the pier locates in the Northern bay. There are shops and cafes, everything is simple, without frills, but the prices are reasonable, you can eat the freshest fish for a penny, but lovers of luxury service unlikely find something for themselves here. Tuk-tuks are as a taxi, no problems, but they couldn't drive to the jungle on the East of the island – there is no road there, also there are poisonous snakes there. In general, to be honest, we did not really see the island itself - we spent our three days there in searching for a sea cow…

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