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Radhanagar Beach (beach #7)

From the book "Straight to the South", part 3 "Visiting a sea cow", episode 20.

23.03.2018 11°59'2.46"N 92°57'10.58"E

I have already said that the Islands of the Andaman archipelago are mostly protected, but they have allowed tourism to develop on Havlok Island. We had no time to observe the island in details - we spent the most of the time under water, but we considered mandatory to visit the beach #7. This is almost the best sandy beach on the Andaman, where you can swim without the risk of getting hurt on the coral, even at low tide. The road there crosses the island from North to South, among the villages and fields, it is getting worse as we approach a small pass. The way takes about 40 minutes, our tuk-tuk puffs and presses hard to the side, passing the counters... And here is the descent, a little more shaking and we are on the beach.

It is large, stretching for a couple of kilometers and it is really sandy. Its official name (Radhanagar Beach) is not known to everyone, here the beaches are assigned numbers. We got here in the late afternoon. Despite its remoteness, the beach was filled with people, the vast majority of visiting tourists - Indians. Few of them risk to go far into the water, but they love to splash in shallow water and sit on the sand, especially the kids. Here is the atmosphere of a quiet family holiday, all people in a good mood and happy to touch the clear blue sea…

On the shore after a strip of sand - huge trees grow and you can relax from the heat in the shade of they .

A two-storey restaurant hides under the trees, the prices slightly high there, so there are no many visitors, people prefer to buy water, snacks and fruit in a small market at the entrance to the beach. For those who want to enjoy the sea longer there are several hotels in the area, they are relatively expensive and therefore not very popular. It is unlikely to rent a house from a private owner, because there are no villages nearby, only some houses. In general, tourism is developing here, but so far it is weak.

The way back is always shorter, potholes on the road becomes less with each kilometer of approaching to the civilization, the tuk-tuk speeds up...

And here we are not far from our hotel. The Govind Nagar village is a shopping and cultural center, here you can shave and get a haircut, visit the doctor, buy souvenirs and other things in many shops, buy some food in the supermarket, withdraw cash from an ATM... But the market is more interesting for us, we want fruits.

The green market Goving Nagar (12° 1'49.03"N 92°59'41.53"E)

I must say, there is no such amount of garbage on the Andamans as on the mainland, but still it is India…

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