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From the book "Straight to the South", part 2 "Shark archipelago", episode 13.

14.03.2018 0°26'43.30"N 73°34'46.50"E

Our stay in the Huvadhu have been completed by two very unique dives. We started at opposite of the Maafushi island after barrier of lagoon in the open ocean. Nothing happen, we dive to the depth and hung there for a long time, it was empty, it seemed that we were here for nothing. But suddenly a huge fish came out to us from below, the hammerhead shark, 4 meters in length, not less.

These perhaps the most ancient of species of fish live in packs. The jamb consisting of mothers and babies is in motion constantly, and young males provide safety - prowl round and take away the family aside in case of danger. So such a guard sniffed us. He doesn't come close, we shot him, but he is barely visible in photos because darkness in the early morning at a depth..

Inspired by this we did the second dive there again. And we didn't lost – a flock of hammerhead sharks passed us.. It is prohibited to dive below thirty meters in the Maldives, but they were a little deeper and they had impressive sizes, and we were able to see them and even shot a little, the moment lasted for 2-3 minutes. However, the photos are not good:

But movie was a little bit better idea..

So we were extremely lucky. And then we raised the anchor and went South at night. Then we crossed the equator, and.. But that's another story.

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