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February 4, 2018 42°38'21.36"N 74°38'18.08"E

Often our friends from different countries ask us: 'Can you go skiing in your country?' It is possible! There are several ski bases around the capital, there is a high-altitude base on the pass to the Suusamyr valley, where you can ski until the end of April (if weather enough cool). And, of course, Karakol ski resort at Issyk-Kul lake is the most beautiful and equipped base, where the season usually lasts until the end of March. Also you can go free-ride skiing on wild slopes, ski-touring on snow-covered mountain valleys, summer skiing on the glaciers using snowmobiles for lifting, quad bikes and helicopters.. Lots of options :)

Ski business is slowly developing here, every year the service is getting better.

The Chon-Kurchak ski complex was founded only a few years ago. It is designed for mass skiing, there are no steep sports slopes, the tracks are wide and well maintained, chair lifts comfortable. Also there are cafes where you can relax and eat something... Here is a link to the base's website: By the way, there is a webcam there, and you can see what's happening on the mountain at the moment...

And this is our little video story about the trip to the Chon-Kurchak base at February 4, 2018:

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