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Bali island is a part of the island arc that separates the inland sea and the open Indian ocean, next to it the oceanic plate dives under the continental plate, so earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is a common thing here. But natural disasters do not scare tourists from all over the world, they practically occupied this island paradise. They are attracted by the unique nature, by the sea, by the abundance of different attractions and the friendliness of local residents, and local relative cheapness plays a significant role. This is probably the most visited of the resorts in Indonesia. And it is a convenient connecting hub, the local international airport receives flights from many countries and you can fly to other islands from here by local airlines. That's why we visited Bali a few times making few days stops and we have accumulated a large number of data - travel notes, photos and videos, so we should to publish some of them. There is an interactive guide just below this paragraph, which could be interesting for people who want to go to Bali and who have already been there (sometimes it is interesting to look at familiar places by eyes of another person). You can travel around the map - by clicking on the icon you will open our article about this particular place with photos and short movies.

Or you can use the table of contents below and choose what are you interesting about. Or you can just use the arrow button "next" at the end of each page and read the book sequentially..

So, let's start the journey, we hope it will be interesting.


• Pemuteran, Kubuku hotel
• Menjangan - Deer island
• Menjangan, dive site Eel Garden
• Menjangan, dive site Pos II
• Menjangan, dive site Anchor Wreck
• Menjangan, dive site Dream Wall
• Menjangan, dive site Cave Point
• The West of the island, Gilimanuk, dive site Secret Bay
• Bali. Banjar Hot Springs

Central part

• The Batur volcano – Gunung Batur
• Ubud – town of craftsmen
• Monkey forest
• Tegenungan waterfall
• The temple complex Batuan - Batuan Temple
• Bali Zoo


• Tulamben – USAT Liberty Wreck
• Banyuning – Japanese Wreck
• Amed, Amed Beach Resort
• Amed, dive site Bobo (Pyramids)
• Amed, dive site Batu Belah
• Lampuan temple (Seraya volcano)


• The legend of Bali - beaches of Kuta
• On the edge of the ocean: Uluwatu temple complex
• Dinner with a sunset view: Jimbaran beach


• Padang, dive site Blue lagoon
• The muddy waters of Padang: the dive site Jepun Point
• To escape the bustle: Candidasa village
• Shark in the hole: divesite Gili Biaha
• Sea of corals: Gili Tepekong
• Against the tide: Gili Mimpang
• Who lives under the pier: the sea port Tanah Ampo

Nusa Penida

• Along the flow: dive site Ped
• Couldn't catch the sun: dive site Toyapakeh
• Mola mola: the venue - Crystal Bay
• Meeting with sea devils: Manta Point Baru


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