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From the book "Bali Island", part 6 "Nusa Penida", episode 33.

8°41'0.60"S 115°28'57.70"E

There is North of the Nusa Penida island, Toyapakeh bay, where people arrive by boats and ferries from neighboring islands. You can see small island of Lembongan not far to the West. It is separated by not wide (up to 1km), but rather a deep strait, powerful cold currents come along it from the ocean to the Bali sea and sometimes they bring large inhabitants of the sea.

Eye to eye..

Marble ray

Big Porcupinefish

In September 2013 we were lucky to see the legendary sunfish - Mola Mola, the weight of adult individuals can exceed 1 ton and a length of 1.8 m. Unfortunately, it was far from me and it is barely visible in our movie, but the very fact is outstanding, they met it here rarely.

In general there are the same coral plantation under the water, as on previous dive site - it is beautiful, no words. Watch the movie:

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