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From the book "Bali Island", part 5 "East", episode 27.

8°30'24.95"S 115°33'38.06"E

Candidasa (or Chandidasa which is closer to local pronunciation of this name) is a fishing village gradually turning into a resort because development of tourism. The main street of the village stretches for 2-3 kilometers along the sea and almost all hotels, shops and restaurants located near to it. The beaches near the hotels and villas are mostly stony, resting people swim in pools but snorklers and divers take boats to nearby small islands overgrown with coral reefs. We are divers, therefore, we almost had no time to survey the settlement and the surrounding area, except the evenings when we visited some vending restaurants. The rest of the time we admire the hotel Bali Santi Bungalows. It is inexpensive and quite nice - take a look:


The pool and the sea

To build a Hindu temple is not difficult..


Walkways are lined with concrete tiles, they are surrounded by flowers and tropical greenery..

Palms to the sky

Ginger flower

Hibiscus. A source for hibiscus tea

Heliconia (also known as 'false bird of paradise')

It's a really big snail..

Design of site is executed with inventiveness and great taste, at every step you can see some kind of puppet, mask, sculpture..

I hear nothing, I see nothing, I will say nothing..

That's how we remember the village of Candidasa and our cozy nest:

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