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From the book "Bali Island", part 5 "East", episode 26.

8°31'40.44"S 115°30'52.39"E

300 meters to the North from the Blue lagoon along the coast.

There are sand and broken corals at the bottom. And the water was so muddy: a tourist submarine (see previous story) wandered around us and raised the suspension.
They try to create artificial reefs here: they sank the old boat and metal grates – all it in order to grow reefs and fish around it. But corals still are sparse, respectively, it is not many fish here. But we've got something. Scorpionfish, of course, fish-balls, rays – white with blue spots, fboxfish.. At the end of the dive I tried to catch up with a flock of yellow perch.. It was a bit dark, so pity..

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