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From the book "Bali Island", part 3 "North-East", episode 18.

8°20'2.96"S 115°38'34.44"E

Northeast of Bali, Amed village. We stayed here in January 2016, a few days in a small dive hotel, cosy and welcoming. Unlike other places in Bali, it was possible to swim in the sea not only in pool, because there is no crazy waves as on the southern beaches of the island and there was pebble ground from beach to the sea, not rough corals as in the East. The water was warm and clean, it was quiet and peaceful place, no crowds of tourists and the surroundings were beautiful, especially early in the morning – splendor! :-)

Day dives were not interesting here – there was black volcanic sand on the bottom and almost no corals. But night dives were long - there were strange creatures among bottom debris. For example, there are a variety of crustaceans...

Egyptian Prawn – Metapenaeopsis aegyptica

Porcelain Anemone Crab

Decorator Crab

Verious eels. There were many marine eels and morays, large and small, spotty and not spotty.

Snake-eel in the hole

The representative of flatfish squad. It has wonderful mimicry: it changes color depending on the color of the surface. Here you are - fish is almost not noticeable on the dark sand. They say one day some researchers put it on the chess board – and it becomes checkered!

Flatfish, Carpet Sole

We also met a rather unusual nudibranchs..

Company of nudibranchs Flabellina exoptata (Much-Desired Flabellina)

Pair of nudibranchs Hypselodoris maritima of Chromodorididae

Marine flat worm with picturesque coloring..

Flatworm Pseudobiceros bedfordi (Laidlaw, 1903)

But the main kind of fish there is scorpionfish, no doubt, and very various ones.

Scorpionfish Scorpaenopsis oxycephala

Lionfish – Pterois radiata

Red-White Scorpionfish

Cockatoo waspfish - Ablabys taenianotus

This fish has many names: leaf-fish, sailing sea ruff. The best name "Leaf Scorpionfish". Latin name is Taenianotus triacanthus

Stonefish - Synanceia verrucosa. Considered as the most poisonous fish in the world.

Here is another rare character. This is a mimic octopus trying to hide in the sand..

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus Thaumoctopus mimicus from Octopodidae

Look at these characters and others in our film in motion..

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