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From the book "Bali Island", part 2 "Central part", episode 14.

8°34'54.96"S 115°16'33.74"E

The village of Batuan is located between Ubud and the island's capital – Denpasar city. It has long history, mentioned in historical documents of 1000 AD. It famous for its painting, ultimate painting in Batuan style – black-and-white image in the dark tones about a story of a mystical-religious sense.

The local Hindu temple complex dating from the 11th century.

Here is the sign at the entrance, the first line on it is the names of two separate temples located inside Pura Puse and Pura Desa, the second line defines the organization responsible for the temple, and the last line is the year of the foundation of the temple in the Balinese calendar "saka" and their 944th year corresponds to our 1022 AD.

Visitors must wear a sarong and follow the rules outlined on this sign:

Ancient architecture and intricate stone carvings are impressive..

The parade, which marks Galungan, Bali holiday, dedicated to the victory of Drachma – a natural order and harmony over their opposite of Adharma - irreligion, a rejection of religion, unrighteousness and immorality. At this time, the spirits of deceased relatives return to visit their homes and current residents are happy of such arrival.

Here is our movie about this place:

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