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From the book "Bali Island", part 1 "West", episode 9.

8°12'43.52"S 114°57'51.84"E

Traveling from the West to the center of Bali island, you can stop to bathe in the hot sulfur springs. There is small detour – 3-4 km from the main road. The resort is located to the South and above the village Banjar (Kota Banjar), about a kilometer from the village market. Look at the name "Banjar" - it is looks like Russian word "banya" which means Turkish bath. The place is really Turkish bath, to be honest :-) But, of course, springs are considered sacred and they decorated accordingly. Hot water with a noticeable odor of sulfur emanates from the mouth of the eight Nagas (mythical creatures like dragons) down to the long upper pool.

From there, water flows from the mouths of five of the Nagas in the next pool below. This pool is the largest of the three and has a square shape. The third pool is the smallest, water jets falling from a height of 4-5 meters, and you can make yourself a nice water massage there.

Small temple, surrounded by statues of gods, is hid in jungle where hot water pours from the cracks.

Also there is a small restaurant where you can quite reasonably eat.

The name of this beer to the Russian ear sounds interesting :-) And actually the translation is "White horse", merely :-)

Souvenir market is located before the entrance to the baths. It is Holy cause – to purchase something near a Holy place! :-) And the people sometime purchase something there, not only tourists but local peole too..

It's full of people there after 10 a.m. especially on weekends and holidays, so experts suggest to come here earlier.

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