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From the book "Bali Island", part 1 "West", episode 4.

8° 5'56.03"S 114°31'34.28"E

The South-Eastern wall of Menjangan reef. The water was really hot, some cold jets made us happy. Tangible, sometimes even very tangible, currents constantly change their direction, and we drifted there and back.

It was dull in water because plankton, and there is a lot of fish in the blue: large spotted grouper was hunting, shoals of tuna – small school of jackfish and quite big blue trevally, dark blue red-toothed triggerfish, funny swimming by using of their forked tails, the companies bright blue snappers with bright yellow tails, large angelfishes walked singly and in pairs.. There were nice decorations on the wall: large fans of soft corals - gorgonians with sea lilies clinging to them, spiked poisonous starfish called "crown of thorns".. In short – it was not boring. Watch the movie:

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