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From the book "Bali Island", part 1 "West", episode 1.

8° 8'55.40"S 114°39'35.97"E

There is North-West Bali, the location is most remote from the capital and airport, so not everyone been here. The beaches here are so-so, villages are not rich. People are busy gardening, fishing and, of course, the service for tourists. We lived here in a little, just a few houses, the Kubuku hotel (Kubuku Ecolodge & Resto). It is located inside of the Pemuteran village, it is about 1.5 km from the coast of the sea. There are a swimming pool, well-kept grounds and friendly staff here.

That's how we have been met here:

Each day we were fully busy with diving, usually we got home after sunset, because it gets dark here early, nights are pitch-black at seven o'clock. Once evening staff of the hotel have arranged a presentation of traditional dances for us. It was interesting! I must say, the Balinese are very hospitable and friendly. Majority of the population immigrated from India long ago, tolerance is in their blood. The culture is original. The artists, simple villagers, taught dance - I guess the art is better feeder :-) And we were pleased to have joined the culture.

Here is a small movie about this concert:

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