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From the book "Puerto Galera. Roads of corsairs", episode 1.

There is inner bay, the water is warm and not waves. There is a great place for a first test dive. We saw not a lot here under the water but something. We've found active cuttlefish there, for example, also we met some nudibranches..

Nudibranch Goniobranchus Alius

We've seen a large red-brown seahorse. This is perhaps the most famous of their kind – a semi-circular or spiky. Such seahorses were used in Vietnam for making vodka and they drink to undergo treatment for all diseases of the world. Look, our fish is pregnant - belly is big.. Yes, seahorses are fishs, but it sounds strange :)

Thorny seahorse

Sea pen, coral polyp, is predator..

Sea pen - Pennatulacea

We were amazed by unknown thing : they say this is meshy jellyfish of the genus Obelia. It looks like semi-transparent starchy jelly with ears.. :)

Net jellyfish

А в целом было тут было мутновато, так как ходили в большой компании, и неопытная молодёжь своими ластами поднимала песок со дна, да и холодновато, вода всего 26°С. Но с учётом 13-ти с половиной градусов северной широты и февраля месяца… Спасибо и на том :)

Вот ещё портреты здешних персонажей: There was unclear water here, as we dive with a large company and inexperienced young divers lifted the sand from the bottom by their flippers, and water was quite cold, just 26°C. Due to 13 degree of latitude and February.. that's something at least! :)

Here's the portraits of the local characters:

Blunt decorator Crab - Camposcia retusa Shrimp on anemone
Starfish Nudibranch -dragon


Here is a little movie about our diving here. The movie allows you to see more..

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