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From the Batu Ferringhi beach to Penang Island by bus

From the book "Penang Island. Island which is palm's namesake", episode 3.

11 Jan 2017

Tired to lie on the beach? You can see sights of large George Town, it's not difficult to do. There is bus stop near the gate, buses 101 and 102 go to the town. We went to the area of large shopping centers Kompar and 1st Avenue Mall Penang George Town. The ticket costs 2.7 ringgit (prepare coins, there is no change in the bus), the journey takes 45 minutes. At first we drove along the beach of Batu Ferringhi, then we drove along punched in the coastal cliffs winding road and reached the suburban area of Tanjung Bungah (resort area with many hotels, but the beaches here, they say, a bit dirtier than ours) and then we drove through of George Town having frequent stops. Drivers move jerky here, hold on the handrails, if you do not get seats :).

The city is interesting. There are many modern high-rise buildings, but also areas of old buildings are left somewhere. Old houses are mostly two-storied with arches and stucco, the windows are often closed by wooden blinds, roofs are covered by bright brown antique tiles. The city of merchants and seafarers at the crossroads of sea roads..



It seems like possible idea to wait appearing of fat and self-important Chinese merchant with long mustache, he sits in rickshaw coming from this corner..

But no chance, there is just an endless stream of cars and motorbikes :)

Local malls are trying to look like the malls of Kuala Lumpur, but they do it poorly – no such glossy, because province, you know, less people and the set of goods is not so long. My impression that they are trying to sell goods which were not sold in the capital - or style is outdated or unmarketable sizes :). Network Japanese cafe Sushi King offers smaller portions and set of food is poor.. Well, the shopping is better in the capital :). Or, as a last resort, you can buy something on market at Batu Ferringhi beach – there are fake brand name goods (no different! :) ) by half price :)

In George Town now all people busy preparing for Chinese New year - they build colorful scenery, decorate everything with flowers and orange Chinese lanterns.. Nothing is ready yet, the first show will begin here on 14 January, but we saw some fragments of the beauty :)

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